College Division

College Division

Kick It Right, LLC has partnered with Global College Search Associates, LLC  to bring an an unmatchable opportunity to all local and international High School Soccer Players. Be seen, trained, and recruited by U.S. university and college coaches who are seeking international students just like you to play soccer on their college teams.

The Kick It Right/Global College Search partnership assists you in connecting with colleges. Together we also enable you to be considered for scholarships that could pay for your U.S. university education fully or partially.  It’s a great opportunity to improve your skills, get noticed, and pursueattending college in the U.S.



Summer Time – Suggested Week: July 23rd


Various Locations:
Lewis University – Romeoville, IL
University of Illinois in Chicago – Chicago, IL

What is Included?

-       The possibility to be seen, trained, and recruited by colleges and universities of the Midwest mainly.

-       Training sessions either by a college coach or a Kick It Right Certified Coach

-       Games against local teams where coaches of different colleges and universities will observe the players with the intention of recruiting them to play for their institutions

-       Several visits to Chicago for touristic attractions including a Chicago Cubs Baseball game, walking at Michigan Avenue, visit to Six Flags Great America (roller coaster park), and much more!

-       Program Gear

What is NOT Included?

-       Your Plane Ticket to Chicago.

-       A guaranteed scholarship offered. Each player has to know their limitations and know if they are or not at a college level. If a player does not receive any scholarship offers, Kick It Right, LLC nor its partners will not provide any refunds.  However, it is our intentions and our focus on this program that all players receive an offer, being partial or full scholarship.

-       It does not guarantee coaches decisions to keep the player for 4 years or any amount of semesters required to complete the student/athlete career. Some reasons would be, and are not limited to, the low performance of the student athlete in academics and athletics.

What is the process?

-       Pre-Register Below - We will contact you to confirm the registration

-       Practice:

  • 1st day: Kick It Right will assess the players level and group them accordingly in teams
  • 2nd Day: Kick It Right’s staff will run the practice at a college level. At this point, coaches from different universities may be already scouting.
  • 3rd Day: Kick It Right invites coaches from different universities to run the practice; this is a great opportunity for the player to connect with their future coach!

-       Game

  • Before the Game: Players will warm up 20 minutes before the game and will be assigned a certified Kick It Right Coach who will place them in the field accordingly
  • Before the Game: Coaches will be presented with a portfolio of players with their athletic and academic skills and accomplishments.
  • Game Time: kick off time to a life of unlimited opportunities! Coaches from colleges and universities throughout the Midwest of the US will watch you play!
  • After the Game: Coaches will deliver their intentions to Kick It Right’s program director and may interact with their prospects recruits.

-       Following Days:  Kick It Right will communicate to each player of any intentions of recruitment from any of the universities and will be happy to accompany the player to the school for more information (at players expense)

Registration Fee: $TBD


Pre -Register Below:

Complete the Registration Form and Click on “Register”.

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