Schedule and Standings

Schedule and Standings

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League Location Days Kick Off Format
COED Chicago Futsal Academy Thursdays Feb.  12th @7:30pm 5v5
COED Mercy Home Saturdays Jan. 21th @2:00pm 6v6
COED Rauners YMCA Sundays Feb. 22nd @10:00am 7v7
COED UIC Futsal Sundays Feb. 1st @11:00am 7v7
MEN Chicago Futsal Academy Tuesday Nov. 18th @7:30pm 5v5
MEN Rauners YMCA Monday Feb. 9nd @7:30pm 7v7
MEN UIC Futsal Saturdays Feb. 21th @9:00am 7v7
MEN Rauners YMCA Saturdays Jan. 24th@ 12:00pm 7v7

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