Schedule and Standings

Schedule and Standings

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OUR LEAGUES 2014-2015

League Location Days Kick Off Format
Women Humboldt Cage Wednesday July. 1st@08:00pm 7v7
COED Humboldt Cage Thursdays June.  18th@7:00pm 7v7
COED Rauner YMCA Sundays Apr. 19th@11:00am 11v11
MEN Allstate Field Mondays July. 6th@7:00pm 11v11
MEN Humboldt Cage Tuesdays June. 23rd@7:30pm 7v7
MEN Columbus/MckinleyPark Saturdays May. 16th@9:00am 11v11
MEN Humboldt Cage Mondays Apr. 20th@07:30pm 5v5




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